You know a plant-based lifestyle is the healthiest way to lose weight...

But you need to know HOW to do it right and how to sustain your weight loss long term.


You have questions like...

  • What are the best foods for weight loss and long-term health?
  • Do I have to count calories?
  • What macro ratios should I follow? (low carb, low fat, does it matter?)
  • How do I stay motivated and on track?
  • What portion sizes and how much do I eat?
  • How do I beat food addictions & cravings?
  • How to handle Emotional Eating & binges?
  • How can I keep it off...permanently?
  • What am I doing wrong?!

You're overwhelmed with confusing and conflicting diet advice...and this confusion is keeping you stuck.

Weight loss does NOT have to be this hard. I struggled for a decade before mastering this lifestyle and getting to my ideal weight (and maintaining it). Now I teach women the weight-loss hacks I've learned so they can accelerate their on weight loss and make it last.

If you're tired of spinning your wheels, losing and regaining the same 10lbs or stuck at a plateau (for what feels like forever) It's time to get expert guidance and support so you can end this dead-end cycle and start getting RESULTS!

Just because it's "plant-based" doesn't mean it's healthy or will help you lose weight. You need the right meal plan, accountability and support to make this lifestyle and your weight loss last.


Plant-Based Weight Loss for Life

An 4-Week online program designed to give you the meal plan and support you need to lose weight on a plant-based lifestyle and keep it off for life!


Plant-Based Weight Loss for Life can help you...

  • Overcome cravings and breakthrough weight loss plateaus

  • Establish a healthy nutrient-dense plant-based lifestyle you can live with

  • Learn exactly what to eat (and what NOT to eat) in order to accelerate your weight loss

  • Address Emotional Eating patterns and Self-Sabotage

  • Get your ENERGY back so you can enjoy your family and the activities you love

  • Learn how to stay plant-based and MAINTAIN your weight loss for a lifetime

  • Reverse diet and lifestyle related dis-ease and support your body's self-healing intelligence

  • Improve your mental health and self-esteem

  • Lose weight for LIFE! No more dieting...ever.

My Personal Transformation Story

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words...

Who doesn't love before & after photos?  Although I'm not big into "selfies" (especially when I was overweight!), I do want to share my own personal weight loss success with you. 

In the photo on the left, I felt miserable in my own skin. I stopped looking at the scale around 155, so I don't actually know what my max weight was. In this photo, I believe I had started to lose some. I had been vegetarian for years, and I ate "healthier" than most people. But I was still eating bread, white sugar, dairy and too much food over all. My system was totally clogged up and bogged down. Not only was I uncomfortable in my body (self-conscious, clothes too tight, lethargic, etc.) but I was also being dominated by food cravings....especially for salt and sugar, which play off each other in a devilish pendulum swing cycle. 

Constipation was another chronic problem and I had blood sugar issues. I was likely pre-diabetic, though I was never tested. I knew I was overweight, but the mind has a tricky way of deceiving us, thinking "its not so bad, there are people who are much bigger". It's the lies we tell ourselves that keep us stuck. Looking back at the photos now, from a much leaner perspective, I can see how bloated I really was. (You will also see the bloat in the full body photo below).

In the after photo, you can see I was feeling MUCH better! 

I lost the weight and have kept it off using the exact same protocol I use to help my clients achieve weight loss in their own lives, which involves detoxification at the cellular level,  providing my body with deep nutrition and addressing mental/emotional issues around food. This included doing some cleanses, inner personal work and of course...Raw & Living Foods! 

I struggled with my weight for over a decade and constantly wanted to be leaner (and healthier). It had become a near obsession...But it always seemed like a goal that was just out of reach. Obesity runs in my family and I thought maybe I would be doomed to the same. When I finally did lose the weight...I didn't realize just HOW GOOD it would feel when I got there. Not only that I feel light and at peace in my own skin now (even after a big meal) but there is a psychological peace that comes with ending my weight struggle for good. I may fluctuate a few pounds here or there, but I know I will never be that heavy again.... because I made a LIFESTYLE change. 

As with all things worth achieving in life, it required effort and determination...but I have enjoyed the ride and know I will benefit from my efforts in so many ways for the rest of my life! That gift is priceless and worth every effort! 

Here's a Sneek Peak at the 4-Week Program

You can go at your own pace and will have unlimited access to the course material even after completing the program

Module 1:  Welcome & Getting Started 

  • Get clear on your WHY and assess your Digestive Health.

Module 2: Meal Plan & Recipes

  • Get my Weight Loss Success Meal Plan Blueprint that shows you exactly what to eat to lose the weight and keep it off. This section includes a Quick Guide, Sample Menu and 2 Recipe Books: High Raw Meal Plan Recipe eBook and Smoothies for Weight Loss Recipe eBook.

Module 3:  Mindset Video Trainings

  • Learn how to beat Cravings & Addictions, deal with Social Pressures, how to Track your Nutrition for success, and practice Mindful Eating for Weight Loss.

Module 4:  PDF Printouts

  • Learn about Detox Symptoms, Handling Slip-ups, Supplements & Superfoods, and Obesogens (nasty food chemicals to avoid).

Module 5: Knowledge Base 

  • Knowledge is power...and motivation! Deepen your knowledge by checking out my recommended books, videos and documentaries.

Module 6:  FAQ & Troubleshooting

  • Is it okay to drink coffee? Will fruit cause blood sugar problems or weight gain? What mistakes to avoid? All this and more is covered here so you can move thorough the program with confidence and ease.

Module 7:  Next Level Success 

  • How to Up-level your Detox & Weight Loss and receive Continuing Support

Program starts soon!

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What people are saying...

Celeste Henson, Weight Loss for Life Graduate

Down 30lbs in just over 8 weeks!

Celeste Henson, Weight Loss for Life Graduate

I wake up everyday now EXCITED to see what my day will bring, energized, confidant and glowing. I am amazed at how quickly this lifestyle has become a way of life. My taste buds are changing, yay!! My entire outlook on fruit is so different even in just a week, it's amazing! I am thrilled! I can't even imagine going back to what I was doing before at this point. I see the scale moving every day so I am really on the right path. I saw my mom for the first time since January yesterday and she was amazed, excited and in awe of the progress I am making....Thank you for helping me change my life! You are a blessing from God!
Janice Alexander, RN & Weight Loss for Life graduate

I cannot believe my Energy!

Janice Alexander, RN & Weight Loss for Life graduate

I cannot believe my energy, Siddheshwari! Previously I was sleeping until noon, (embarrassing to admit.). Up at 9am today!! To those considering the weight loss program I CANNOT yell from the top of my lungs how EFFECTIVE this program is! No diet has ever worked for me MUCH LESS MADE ME HEALTHIER than I have been for years! The money was NOTHING compared to the results! !!!!. Best $I have ever spent! I was a very sick girl and NOT anymore! And it's so much more than a diet plan. Siddheshwari presents the emotional aspect as well. I have spent thousands in the past. Wish I had met Siddheshwari years ago!

I haven’t seen this weight in 20 years!


Can I just say ladies I broke the 110 barrier this morning. 109.8. I know it’s a super small margin but I did it. I haven’t seen this weight in 20 years. Siddheshwari THANK YOU. For everlasting life changing vibrancy and health. Sending you so much love. Working with Siddheshwari Devi turned my life around and I’m telling you I fully feel that I will never worry about weight ever again. There were hard days that tested me for sure but she got me through it and I’m 9 months in with keeping the weight loss off.
Debbie Hansen, Weight Loss for Life Graduate

I feel alive again! ~ Life is good.

Debbie Hansen, Weight Loss for Life Graduate

Debbie is overcoming anxiety and depression and getting INSPIRED to create her future! “After just a couple weeks of eating tons of fruit and veggies ... my brain started to lite up. I feel alive again and that continues to get better and better. ”
Brenda, Weight Loss for Life Graduate

Better Sleep & More Positive Thinking

Brenda, Weight Loss for Life Graduate

First, my main “non-scale” victories: I continue to sleep better (I have had sleep issues for over 10 years); I am going #2 more often (I have had constipation for over 10 years); and my new thinking is helping me make better choices about my conversations (less negative and more positive). My scale victory is I have lost 7.5 pounds in 10 days! Yeah!
Dawn Griffin

Now, I am a “good” Vegan - always reaching for a best!

Dawn Griffin

I want to say thank you - from all of my heart - for all your positive energy that you so generously showered when we were just beginning our Vegan journey with you. Now, I am a “good” Vegan - always reaching for a best! You started me throwing out the poisons (which I gave to Tootie). But now Tootie is a Vegan and she gave her poisons to Mary and Dave across the street. And so it goes—- We are all in a process of change, and I am loving life to the fullest I can, each and every moment. And so dear Siddheshwari, thank you for helping me shine - and thank you for giving your all!
by Anneris Arjona, vinyasa & hatha yoga instructor

A Gem to be Discovered!

by Anneris Arjona, vinyasa & hatha yoga instructor

Siddheshwari is a gem to be discovered. Compassionate, knowledgeable and easy to talk to, Siddheshwari really goes the extra mile to help you. For me, opening up to her has always proven to be helpful. She is a dedicated wellness coach who only advocates diets and lifestyle protocols that really work. You’re in good hands with Sara!
Taryn, Weight Loss for Life Graduate

Eating More Calories & Losing Weight!

Taryn, Weight Loss for Life Graduate

Alrighty then... Fruit it is! I wish I had you by my side forever. You are so encouraging and hold me accountable. I can't thank you enough! This program is totally worth it! Siddheshwari is so supportive, knowledgeable, and real! I am also eating way more calories than ever before and losing weight...kinda liking it!
Sadhvi Kadambari (Haridwar)

This program is a "must do"...

Sadhvi Kadambari (Haridwar)

"I can envision the HIGH VIBE LIFE that Siddheshwari is working towards with full commitment of mind, heart and soul. After the cleanse I feel this higher vibe within myself. This program is a "must do" for people who desire to find the clarity to move forward in their lives.

What's Included*

Plant-Based Weight Loss for Life has everything you need to be successful in your weight loss journey:

  • Video trainings & PDF Guides

  • Meal Plan & Recipies

  • Lifestyle & Mindset Strategies

  • Weekly Live Zoom Coaching Sessions

  • Like-minded Community & Accountability

  • Messenger & Email Support

Is this program right for YOU?

Are you excited to join the Weight Loss for Life program, but wondering if it's the right fit for you? Do you have questions about the program?

Go ahead and book a free 30-minute call with me and we can discuss your current weight loss goals, health condition(s) and other personal circumstances to determine if this is the right program for you.

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Course Creator

Siddheshwari Devi


Siddheshwari Devi

Welcome, My name is Siddheshwari Devi and I'm here to help you CHANGE your LIFE! I began my plant-based journey over 15 years ago with a desire to experience the highest levels of health...and my BEST life possible. I also had 45lbs of extra unhealthy weight to lose. After a decade of trial-and-error, I finally lost the weight (and have kept it off) using the power of Raw & Living foods and Mind-Body healing. Your weight loss journey isn't just about food. You must also address the underlying mental and emotional blockages that are sabotaging your health if you want to be successful long term. I combine my background in Psychology and over 20 years of experience in the field of Natural Health (Plant-Based Nutrition, Detoxification, Longevity Science, Yoga & Meditation) into a holistic approach for helping women lose weight and permanently transform their lives. Along with my husband, we co-created High Vibe Life, a Wellness and Conscious Living business devoted to bringing the most advanced nutrition, energy medicine, meditation and mind-body healing methods to health-seekers worldwide and those desiring deeper spiritual fulfillment. I'm happy you you're here and look forward to supporting you in your journey.

You will have unlimited access to the on-line course materials (Video trainings & PDF files) even after the end of the 4-week program. However, your support will expire at the end of the 4-weeksSupport includes participation in the Facebook support group (including the Live Q&A video coaching sessions) and Messenger/Email support. If you would like continuing support, you will have the option at the end of the program to extend your support through a monthly membership subscription.