The 5 Essential Steps for Plant-Based Weight Loss Success

In ths Masterclass you will learn...

  • How my clients are losing up to 30lbs in just over 8-weeks, without calorie restriction!

  • My #1 weight loss hack to ACCELERATE your results

  • MINDSET traps that create weight loss roadblocks

  • How to breakthrough weight loss PLATEAUS and smash food CRAVINGS for good

  • What popular plant-based meal plan I do NOT recommend for weight loss . . . that can actually cause you to GAIN weight

  • The secret to enjoying food ABUNDANCE ... and how you can eat MORE and still lose weight

  • How my clients are experienceing physical & mental/emotional HEALING ...overcoming Anxiety & Depression and getting INSPIRED for LIFE!

  • What foods contain my favorite "nutrient" (biophotons) that boost your ENERGY and MOOD

  • The missing step that causes people to "give-up" prematurely on a plant-based diet

  • How "bad fads" like KETO are keeping women stuck...and the #1 phobia women have to overcome if they want to achieve the best weight loss results

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